Vodafone Postpaid Plans

Vodafone postpaid plans

The high penetration of technology has resulted in increased usage of mobile phones and tablets. We research and come up with the best sustainable mobile plans. The postpaid plans have the advantage of paying the bills later, so there’s no need to worry about preserving the talk time balance. With Vodafone, you can enjoy individual postpaid plans for businesses and families. The plans come with additional benefits, all at no extra cost- the OTT Subscriptions, Smartphone Protection, and Data Rollovers. To support and build strong networking connections, we offer and guide the best plans.

Vodafone Postpaid plans Designed for the Professionals


A new report by PwC Australia released in 2020 highlighted four key elements necessary for the survival and successful transformation of the businesses.

  • Thinking digital
  • Changing Technology and experiences
  • Cyber secure
  • Bombardment of Data

To keep up with the following key elements you need to upgrade yourself and your organization. The Vodafone Postpaid plans will help you manage your connections among the organisation in an easy and effective way. You can give your employees the freedom to choose add-on services, entertainment options, and much more with our customized, flexible business plans. Vodafone Postpaid plans to combine the benefits through services like data pooling, special international calling, seamless connectivity, and much more. RedX is one such plan which offers impressive services specifically for your business purposes.



plans provide a premium Postpaid experience to working professionals that gives access to the complimentary domestic and international lounge, special international calling rates, and much more. It also offers special benefits like unlimited voice calls, one year Netflix subscription, and Premium Customer service. With this, you can also provide your employees with the ultimate freedom to choose additional services, without impacting your organisation’s mobile bill. Other advantages of this plans are as follows:

  • Data Pooling
    Through data pooling, the management of unused and surplus data becomes easier. This service also helps your business in enhancing employee productivity by providing uninterrupted data and a reduction in overall cost. It helps to save data.
  • Reload
    It enables employees with company-owned Postpaid connections to individually purchase add-on packs to use on top of their existing corporate plan. This gives them the freedom to choose the additional services they need without impacting the corporate mobile bill.
  • Ultrafast speed
    With the Vodafone REDX postpaid plan, you also get blazing fast upload and download speeds which allow you to respond to customers, clients, partners, and employees swiftly and efficiently.
  • Vodafone Company Flex Plans
    The ultimate and highly flexible Vodafone Company Flex plans by Vodafone Company Flex plans provides versatility and a better value. Any service under the Flex plan provides unrestricted standard national talk and text as well as generous data allowances, all of which can be used anywhere in Australia. For companies with ten or more contacts, a Personal Account Manager can assist you in customizing the best mobile approach. Do not wait. Get your own Vodafone Flex Plan for your business and get going.
  • Tech Fund Plans
    The investment in technology at each step has become a crucial part of for every business to succeed. Company Flex Tech Fund Plans come with a product credit that can be used to buy selected Vodafone devices at any time during your contract. The amount of the Tech Fund (device credit) can vary based on which package you select. The Tech Fund amounts are pooled together as a single balance on your Vodafone business account when you sign up for several Business Flex Plans.

Upgrade Your Business to 5G With Vodafone Postpaid Plans



5G is the fifth generation of mobile wireless communications technology, the upgrade to the 4G network. By using shorter, higher-frequency bands of the radio spectrum, 5G promises lower latency, faster speeds, and greater load capacity. Some researchers believe that in real-world conditions, 5G could deliver browsing and download speeds 10 to 20 times faster than the 4G network.

Organizations looking to future-proof their systems and products need to recognize the potential of 5G. Its fast, reliable transmissions are set to revolutionise business mobility solutions. We cannot ignore some important factors when it comes to the importance of 5G for your business. A few of them are listed below:

1. Data Management

In the coming years, more information will be exchanged each minute irrespective of the factor you are working on. Analysation of data will become more prevalent to provide the best services to the customer. 5G will facilitate advances in artificial intelligence, automation, and IoT, and with these advances come more and more data, so investment in analytics tools will be essential.

2. Technology Evolvement

Technology does not go backward. It moves forward and continuously evolves and brings new challenges and opportunities. The technology used today with 5G services is less advanced than that of the future. Companies must strategise how they are going to use 5G now, and in the longer term.

3. Providing 5G education

Teams are unable to fully utilise this new technology as they are unaware of its capabilities and potential. 5G education can help businesses understand how the network’s benefits can support their business goals, improve customer experience, and drive growth.

4. Advance Preparation before new automation wave

Faster speeds and lower latency lend themselves to an influx in new automation and AI technologies. Businesses will rely on mobile networks more than ever and will need to work with IT specialists to redesign and streamline core operations.

Whether it’s tomorrow, next year, or five years down the line, at some point, you’ll have an opportunity to take advantage of the benefits of 5G. Faster speeds, lower latency, and improved device capacity will pave the way for new technologies, automated, intelligent technologies that will enhance business performance and revolutionize the customer experience.

If 5G delivers on its promises, it will likely creep into every aspect of business operation. Even when and where we work will be affected, with the possibility of remote teams empowering organisations to hire top talent outside of their local area, or even country. Vodafone 5G technology will supercharge your business, even if it’s not as simple as switching to a new network provider or contract.

Personalized Service Support

For better decision-making and addressing problems at a faster rate, Vodafone is paving its way towards creating a customer-friendly digital workplace through the introduction of EVE.

EVE provides clean data, common processes, and the skills required to serve our Enterprise customers more effectively while providing a quantum leap in efficiency and service excellence. Ultimately, it will support the end-to-end life-cycle, where you as customers can make and track orders, access diagnostics, manage bills and payments. Not only does EVE make the service experience more efficient for customers, but agents now have a single integrated desktop.

Vodafone postpaid plans Australia

Other than Eve, another major addition to the digital workplace is the introduction of Artificial Intelligence, and the use of chatbots. A chat with a bot can be picked up and continued at any time, so customers are happy because they can come back to that conversation at their leisure. Conversations can also be passed to an agent, and that’s what gives a seamless customer experience, with Personalized Service support. Other features include intelligent alarming, which enables diagnostics and correlated alarms, so agents have more information on customer incidents. As well as integrated ticketing, with enhanced customer monitoring, so agents have a complete picture of customer activity and service requirements.

Both the two major steps are a revolutionary new way of providing a better service to Vodafone’s Enterprise customers through a blend of the digital workplace, human Interaction, and Artificial Intelligence. The new proactive approach supporting the three pillars followed by Vodafone’s business – personal, simple, and digital is helping Vodafone to substantially differentiate Vodafone from its competitors.

Vodafone Postpaid Plans Additional Services

Service has become an important indicator in today’s competitive market. More than that Vodafone has always understood the value and bond it has shared with its customer. we test new ideas, research, drive innovations and improve the existing processes. There are several additional services that we provide along with our mobile plans to fulfil your needs.

Vodafone Roaming Services

Vodafone roaming services connect millions of people around the world. For your convenience, we are providing amazing roaming services starting from $5 for your convenience. For an extra $5 per day, you can use your Australian plan inclusions in selected countries overseas. This means you can make calls, send texts, and use data like you would when you’re in Australia. It also means you can keep your phone number when you travel – handy if you don’t want to miss out on any calls or text messages. The $5 fee is only charged for days on which you use your inclusions: if you’re keeping your phone on flight mode and mooching off public Wi-Fi, you won’t pay a thing.

Vodafone Pass

A new way for our customers to do more of what they love without worrying about gigabyte volumes. As part of their additional services and plans Vodafone provides passes between $10 -$15 such as Music Pass, Social Pass, Video Pass, and Chat Pass which allows you to stream music, Data -free access to the official Apps of Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest + 500MB of data to use on Pass Exclusions and much more.

Voice Add-Ons

With Vodafone Voice Ad-Ons you get unlimited minutes each month to make standard voice calls from Australia to Zone 1 countries (excludes premium numbers and video calls). Zone 1 Countries may change. There are some additional call charges per minute. These charges will be deducted from your international calling plans if you put calls outside selected zones or the charges will be added to your minimum monthly spend at our standard international Pay-As-You-Go rate.

Vodafone Smart SIM

One of the main advantages of e-SIM is that it enables users to change operators remotely, straight from their phone, without having to acquire a new SIM card. It also allows you to store multiple profiles on a single device, effectively having two or more numbers, and switch between them at ease. Using the Vodafone Smart SIM, you can stay in touch with what matters over long distances and get updates to your phone when you need them the most. Smart SIM’s connectivity allows all the info each device collects to be sent straight to your phone. Even if you’re far away from it. Each device is connected to its trusted global network.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What are Vodafone Postpaid plans?
    Offering an exclusive range of Postpaid plans for the users where they can enjoy the benefits they had been offering never before. Postpaid plans give an extra privilege to join the family member’s mobile number to add to the same bill. It also helps the users to overcome the hurdle of constant recharges.
  • What is the best Vodafone business Postpaid plan?
    We present the best package of Postpaid plans for business entities. The employer can aid with the business plan in which they have to pay the lump-sum amount of money for all the bills of their employees.
  • What is the cheapest Vodafone Postpaid plan available for the business?
    Red Plans and Business Flex plans by Vodafone are the most affordable plans for your business. And then there is RED Roaming which is available in Australia, China, Japan, and more than 60 other countries for just €4.06 a day. These plans take care of your international calls, text messages, etc. At the same time, they shield your business from mobile threats and control costs by blocking access to unnecessary sites and apps. By limiting access to the business-only activity you can manage your bills and increase your productivity.
  • What are the benefits of the Vodafone business Postpaid plan?
    • It helps the business firm to conglomerate their billing system and manages their time and money most productively.
    • With passionate about helping your business and keeping up your entrepreneurial spirit alive. No matter the size of your business or what industry you’re in, Vodafone will help you to stay connected with your team and engage with your customers more effectively. Their solutions are designed to keep you competitive and connected in the fast-changing world of business.
  • Is Vodafone Postpaid better than prepaid?
    As we are aware of the fact that each coin has two aspects of the scenario, in the same manner, Postpaid and Prepaid have their pros and cons. Postpaid plans give you the freedom to recharge every time and pay for the selected plan on the bill cycle period whereas prepaid gives you the offer to validate the new scheme invariably.
  • Does my business need a Postpaid plan?
    Whether your business is small or big, it cannot remain aloof from technology. In such a digitalised world, technology inclusion is highly important for your business. Vodafone bundle plans and flex plans are tailored specifically for business purposes. Your business, whatever it may be, needs a good Postpaid plan for sharing data, sharing the best communication tools at a fast speed etc.