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Vodafone deals

We offer a wide range of Vodafone deals to its esteemed customers. Our network covers the seamless area and stays in touch no matter where you are. Vodafone deals bestowed their customer with unlimited data with the coverage of a 5G network. Users can travel around the world without paying extra for international roaming.

The company provides 24*7 free online assistance where you can ask for special tariffs without leaving your home. If a new user wants to join the new users in the family, the company has also started a free home delivery to experience the fastest 5G internet speed. Vodafone gives an additional discount of 15% to the existing users for taking additional plans for mobile, tablet, broadband, and Wi-Fi.

Vodafone offers a wide range of plans which are made keeping in mind the requirement of customers and the market. They deal in the dongle, data-only SIM, mobile Wi-Fi regular SIM. The company has come with the new idea of getting branded mobile phones with an easy EMI option if they connect with the Vodafone services.

Welcome 5G with a 5G Device

Vodafone 5G plans
With the advancement of technology and keep running behind the innovation, Vodafone is happy to announce that they are on the 5G network now. With even faster speed, the users can explore the world with an uninterrupted network and internet speed. The company came up with the tagline “How are you” where the main idea to convey the message is to ask the existing customers about their experience while switching with the Vodafone network, with exciting Vodafone deals made exclusively for you. After the commencement of 5G, it will be the revolution in the era of the internet where we can share information in real-time without any data lagging. For experiencing this, customers had to alter their current devices with the 5G compatible devices.

Vodafone wants to encourage users to switch their network to 5G. For the encroachment, the company has come up with the 5G devices which will help the customers to surf the internet with the speed they had never before. The company has a minimum expectancy that 5G will be 10 times faster than the 4G. They will deliver with an average speed of 150-200 Mbps which could be 1Gbps at its peak. With this scenario, you can download any ultra-high definition movie. It will be as fast as streaming a high-definition music video.

Vodafone Deals on Unlimited Data Packs

Vodafone unlimited data packs

Vodafone always works to gain the trust of its customers. For this, the company consistently works to build the relationship beyond the reach. Vodafone always believes that happy and satisfactory customers will help them to achieve their prosperity and provide amazing Vodafone deals to their customers with time. Following this, Vodafone gave exciting offers to the users without any constraint.

Vodafone facilitates its users with truly unlimited offers where they have no bar in their usage. The company comes up with new special tariffs where customers are free to choose according to their needs. Unlimited packs include unlimited data packs and unlimited calls. The customer can opt for anyone or a mixed plan where he will get unlimited data with unlimited calling. The calling does not restrict the same network. The calls can be made to any network in the region.

Unlimited data packs will create a transformation in the usage as the user is not bound with the specific usage. The company is providing the 5G data pack at the same price as 4G. This makes the pack cost-efficient and does not create a burden to pay extra for the higher network. The company has numerous unlimited packs starting from initial price to long-term validity plans.

Roaming with Vodafone Deals

Vodafone International roaming

With unbeatable network support, Vodafone allows its users to roam across the world hassle-free. The strong network support across the world makes their users more reliable to travel around without thinking of communication support. This will help the customer not take any temporary number while travelling as his previous number is already working in that region.

A customer can access many roaming packs before travelling to remove the obstacle in communication from another country. Even in some countries, Vodafone allows its customers to roam freely without charging them extra. It will create a global image for the company and make their investors more worthy. Earlier, roaming was charged per minute or second but with the increasing demand of the network, the pack has been introduced where you will not be charged for a specific amount of time.

Vodafone is a member of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) where they had to follow International Mobile Roaming (IMR) strategic guidelines. Under the union, members not only discuss the data or voice call but also aid for the increase in revenue and better business model to grab new opportunities using innovative measures. The members of the association agreed to share their network with the other members. This will help them to work together for building a strong communication network across the world. The innovation and advancement of technology by any member of the union were shared with other members for the betterment of society.

Enjoy Fast Network Like never before

Vodafone is constantly working on the expansion of its network. The induction of 5G technology will be a revolution in the field of a network like never before. It will help people to look ahead and connect with smarter technologies. Strong networks encourage people to connect more efficiently over smart devices. The expansion of the 5G network will easily replace the 4G LTE network and let the world access high-speed internet.

Vodafone fast network

Vodafone knows that the internet plays a crucial role in today’s world. Better internet can be avail only with the establishment of a strong network. To accomplish this, the company is upgrading itself every day for the wider and strong expansion of the network. A stable network not only provides high-speed internet but also makes voices clearer over the call. The company is setting up its target to decrease the number of calls dropped or diverted. Flourish network never let that happen.

Upgradation of the network allows connecting the rural or the developed area with the developed communities. The investment of a network in this area will develop the new market space and new players will enrol themselves in the competitive world.

The importance of a strong network has its storyline where they keep the determination to contribute to the economy as a separate stand. The telecom company knows the value of strong networking and wants to make it profitable by developing it. There is a need for better devices as well. Sometimes devices are not compatible to support a high network range. With the advancement in the network, the number of users is increasing at a pacing rate.


It will be not bad if the users start switching their package to a Personalized plan or bundle plan where they can avail themselves more benefits as compared to special tariffs as they are cost-efficient. The bundle plans provided by Vodafone can attract users on a large scale, or you can choose or customise Vodafone deals and Postpaid plans according to your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Where to get the best cellular plan?
    Vodafone provides several variants to avail the best plan for the phone carriers. The users can choose from the available cellular plan with the company and can deal with it through V-store (Vodafone store), retail outlet, online purchase, recharge applications. All these modes provide the same facility.
  • Can we get personalized plans according to our needs?
    Vodafone always makes an extra effort to keep its prestigious customer happy. For this, they allow their user to shortlist their requirements and make a personalized plan according to their necessity. This will help the users to meet their demand within the budget without paying an additional amount.
  • Is Vodafone 5G available in Australia?
    Yes, in selected areas of Australia like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra, and Perth. Vodafone 5G is now available. The successful trial had already been done in Australia and now they are looking forward to exploring the same across the nation.
  • Will 5G work in 4G devices?
    All devices have their compatibility regarding the adoption of the network. As we all know of the fact that we all had to replace our devices for the 4G LTE signals, in the same manner, the users had to switch their devices which are 5G compatible for experiencing the true speed and accuracy.
  • Is there any deals on 5G smartphones available at VBC
    The company wants to widen their 5G network but the users had to alter their old devices with the new technology. For this, VBC provides an exceptional deal on 5G devices and smartphones. The offers will encourage the buyer to replace their old gadgets.
  • Is Activation of roaming plans expensive
    Acknowledging the fact that new technologies are a little bit costlier than the previous grade. The customer has to pay a small portion of the extra amount in their package when they are activating their phone carrier to roaming mode. Vodafone always aims to provide better facilities without charging its customers.
  • Is Vodafone the right pick for your business?
    It is not a bad deal if you select the Vodafone network for your business because the expansion of the network is at a significant rate. They provide 5G signals at more places without any extra cost. In addition to this, Vodafone gave you the best 5G devices on every budget so that customers can have endless entertainment.
  • Do I need to change my number while porting to Vodafone from another network?
    Vodafone allows the new user to switch their telecom operator without changing their number. All this can be done by sending a message to 1900. The mobile number portability attains the users to switch their network provider without changing their number. This will facilitate them to have better network services.