Vodafone Business Plans


Vodafone provides abundant choices when it comes to selecting the best mobile plans for fulfilling your needs. You often end up getting confused especially when you are an Apple user instead of an Android user. With healthy competition in the telecommunication sector, each company is trying to offer the best deal on the table. But as they say, there is only one best, not two. With its 5G technology and customized services enjoy the Vodafone Business Plans, with some amazing business plans exclusively designed for you and much more.

Rapid Penetration into New Markets

Vodafone is rapidly penetrating the global market once again with its amazing services and offers. With its versatile approach, it is making its mark even in the business world.  Specifically, to fulfil your business needs, Vodafone business plans offer customized and tailored mobile and broadband plans just for you and your team. You also get bonus data facilities, a personal account manager, and $5 roaming services with Vodafone cellular plans.

$5 roaming facility

Vodafone gives you a facility so that you do not remain disconnected from your work even when you are travelling. Vodafone offers astounding monthly plans for Apple owners.  Whether you possess iPhone 12 Pro or  12 mini or pro-Max, Vodafone iPhone plans will provide you with ultimate benefits and offers you won’t be able to resist.  You also get Unlimited standard national calls & unlimited text in Oz and overseas and infinite data at no extra cost.

Network Coverage

We present a unique opt-in opt-out service to their new customers. Vodafone also gives exactly 30 days to decide whether you are satisfied with your service or not. In a few cases, we also refund back the amount when necessary. Vodafone offers three special informational channels to clear all your doubts and get the best-tailored plan for you for your comfort and access to complete information. They are as follows

Vodafone has already made its mark and continues to improvise its services in the following sectors. No matter which sector you are in Vodafone will support you. You might want to know that  23 million Australians are already using Vodafone as their network operator. Some of the major businesses where we have already established ourselves are as follows.



  • Automotive
    In an intensely competitive market, Vodafone can help you drive down operating costs, improve efficiency and increase revenue opportunities.
  • Banking, finance & insurance
    Their forward-thinking solutions optimize business processes to drive growth.
  • Health
    Vodafone is now helping global pharmaceutical and medical device companies. Vodafone is making internal processes more efficient, engages better with stakeholders, and improves the quality of healthcare.
  • Manufacturing
    Vodafone plans can help you deliver consistent customer experiences across the globe. We help improve business processes to deliver faster, smarter service to end-users.
  • Retail
    Through better communications and the use of technology, retailers increase sales and operate more profitably quickly.
  • Transport & Logistics
    They can help you keep tabs on the physical location and status of goods, vehicles, and other assets throughout the supply chain. You stay in control of critical elements which determine profitability and customer satisfaction.
  • Utilities
    Solutions provided by Vodafone are already helping global energy and utility companies grow through greater operational efficiency, better safety, higher productivity, and increased profitability. Now, Vodafone is also offering diversified plans for apple lovers.

Monthly Vodafone Business Plans monthly-business-plans

Monthly Business plans

Offering sim-only plans, tech fund plans, and other flexible plans for business purposes. Amazing iPhone plans and offers by Vodafone with so many offers for your device.

Vodafone Infinite Plans

Avail of the amazing infinite data at speeds of up to 2Mbps, 10Mbps, or 25Mbps once your Max Speed data has been used up. You’ll get infinite data at different speed tiers depending on your chosen plan. With Infinite Plans Vodafone, you also get a generous allowance of Max Speed data. Once you have used all your Max Speed data, you’ll have access to data at speeds of up to 2Mbps, 10Mbps, or 25Mbps depending on your chosen plan. The benefits of 2Mbps, 10Mbps, and 25Mbps are as follows:

  • With 2Mbps, you can stream music and standard definition video, make video calls, browse the internet and social media. Minute problems may occur in loading content and running high definition videos but it is nothing in front of the benefits you get with Vodafone Infinite Plan.
  • With 10Mbps, you can do everything you can at 2Mbps PLUS you can watch high-definition video and content is also quicker to load on the internet and social media. Uploading and downloading larger files from the web, App Store, Google Play Store or cloud storage may be slow.
  • With 25Mbps, you can do everything you can at 2Mbps & 10Mbps plus you can download large files faster and use cloud storage for movies and photos. 25Mbps provides a great mobile video streaming experience. However, downloading very large files like a major operating system update may be slow.

 All Plus Plans by Vodafone

On all Plus Plans, you get endless data at speeds of 1.5Mbps once your Max Speed data has been used up and no Additional Data charges in Australia. Once you exceed your Max Speed data allowance, you will receive infinite data at speeds of up to 2Mbps, 10Mbps, or 25Mbps depending on your chosen plan.

  • Tethering
    Tethering is permitted to personal devices only, but must not be used in a modem or as a substitute for a home internet service.
  • Offers and promotions
    Special promotional offers relating to your plan (if any) are not shown in this Critical Information Summary.
  • Phone
    You must purchase a handset from Vodafone to use with this Plan and pay it off over 12, 24, or 36 interest-free monthly instalments. If you cancel this plan, your MPP will also automatically cancel and 100% of the remaining MPP instalments will be applied to your next bill. Speak to them or check out their website to find out which phones you can get on Vodafone.
  • Sharing
    If you have more than one Vodafone Infinite or Plus Plans on your billing account, the Max Speed data allowances on those services will automatically combine into one pool which will be shared between eligible users (data sharing is only available for up to 10 services, a maximum of 5 of which can be voice plans for personal customers, and only between the Max Speed data of other Plans). The data included in any plan on your account which is not a Vodafone Infinite Plan or Plus Plan is not shareable with this plan and vice versa. Infinite data at 2Mbps, 10Mbps, or 25Mbps is not shareable. You can opt out of sharing altogether at any time by calling 1555.
  • Bundling
    You don’t have to bundle this service.

Vodafone Business Broadband Services (Special broadband services for business sector)

Business Broadband services

With Vodafone Business Plans you get mobile broadband which is a wireless connection to the internet via a mobile network. Vodafone uses the same network for mobile phones, tablets, and mobile broadband modems. With their mobile broadband plans, you remain packed with value, so it’s easy to keep your devices connected at home or work. When you sign up for one of Vodafone Red Modem Plans with no lock-in contract, you get the Huawei WiFi Gateway 2 4G on an interest-free repayment period of 12, 24, or 36 months. If your Red Modem Plan is cancelled, you will need to pay off your modem on your next bill by chance.

Vodafone nbn™ plans


Vodafone nbn™ plans are available with both modem and without modem facility. Vodafone nbn™, with unlimited data, is designed to keep you going. On plans with the Vodafone Wi-Fi Hub™, you’ll be connected to the internet from day one and you can power on through interruptions with 4G Backup. If your landline phone number is important to you, you may be able to keep it with Vodafone nbn™. Connect today with Vodafone nbn™ – winner of Australia’s best-fixed broadband provider at the Telecommunication Industry’s Comms Day Edison Awards 2020.

The Internet of Things


The Internet of Things, or IoT, utilizes a machine to machine communication and enables users to track, activate or monitor assets. IoT opens up a range of exciting possibilities for businesses – it has the potential to revolutionize how your business operates, expands, and services your customers. This technology can help to develop innovative new businesses and transform existing businesses. Vodafone now offers industry-specific solutions. With their IoT, they are helping every business.

Offers on Latest smartphones (Offers designed for/on latest smartphones)

Vodafone is providing amazing offers on products by Samsung, LG, Google Nokia, and Oppo other than Apple. You also get an additional $500 bonus trade-in credit when you get a Samsung Galaxy S21 5G device and trade-in an eligible device and stay connected to a Vodafone Infinite Plan over 12, 24, or 36 months before 10/04/21.

Special Personalised Service (Dedicated team available for you to provide you with detailed information regarding your usage)


Vodafone is highly passionate about helping your business. Indeed, they have been rated 2 years in a row by Canstar Blue as providing great customer service. No matter the size of your business or what industry you’re in, Vodafone will help you to stay connected with your team and engage customers more effectively. The solutions are designed to keep you competitive and connected in the fast-changing world of business.

Vodafone for small business (Discuss the plans that provide the best value for the amount you pay or you can say plans suited for small business enterprises)

Products designed for business

They have developed products and services to help your business. When you Sign up for a Vodafone Infinite Plan you get a huge amount of Max Speed data. You can keep using as much data as you want at speeds of up to 2Mbps, 10Mbps, or 25Mbps depending on your plan. Their nbn™ plans all come with unlimited data.

Personalized service

Vodafone believes that your business deserves one-on-one attention – so you’ll get your own Australian-based Personal Account Manager for 10 or more connections. That means Vodafone can help you find the best solution for your unique business needs, instead of using a one-size-fits-all approach.

Fantastic customer care

Their dedicated customer care business team is open for extended hours to make it easier for you to chat with them. If you’re a new customer signing up for a plan and not satisfied with our network coverage within the first 30 days, you can leave us. They’ll even refund any monthly access fees and monthly handset instalments you’ve paid. Just return your device in its original packaging within 10 days of your claim, and you will only have to pay for excess usage charges, or charges for services that aren’t included in your plan, incurred up to the date the cancellation is finalized. While Vodafone continues to support you on the best 4G network, since mid-2020 Vodafone’s 5G network is progressively being rolled out to selected areas in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra, and Perth.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What is a business phone plan?
    With Vodafone Business plans you can get Business Phone plans that provide mobility built for getting work done, with the 5G, data, and performance your business needs. Getting started is easy; you can either choose to add a plan to a new device or see if your existing device is compatible with the Vodafone network so you can switch and select the plan you want.
  • Does Vodafone provide unlimited Internet access?
    The Unlimited Plans each come with a generous data allowance at Vodafone’s normal network speeds. Once the data allowance is used, customers continue to enjoy data at speeds of up to 1.5Mbps with no limit as to how much data can be used within Australia until the beginning of the next monthly billing cycle.
    Research shows that over half of the average time spent online is via a mobile device, which is why Vodafone made a conscious effort to include generous data inclusions to accommodate for streaming content or downloading files. Their unlimited plans give people more choice and the peace of mind that they won’t be left without data or stung with extra costs once their data limits are up.
  • Does my business need a smartphone plan?
    By 2023, M2M connections will be half or 50 percent of the total devices and connections. M2M connections will be the fastest-growing device and connections category, growing nearly 2.4-fold during the forecast period (19 percent CAGR) to 14.7 billion connections by 2023. Smartphones will grow the second-fastest, at a 7 percent CAGR (increasing by a factor of 1.4). Connected TVs (which include flat-panel TVs, set-top boxes, digital media adapters [DMAs], Blu-ray disc players, and gaming consoles) will grow next fastest (at a little less than 6 percent CAGR), to 3.2 billion by 2023. PCs will continue to decline (a 2.3 percent decline) over the forecast period. However, there will be more PCs than tablets throughout the forecast period and by the end of 2023 (1.2 billion PCs vs. 840 million tablets). So, yes, you need a good smartphone plan because it will become more prevalent in the coming years.
  • What additional things do we get when we opt for a business plan?
  1. Trade-In Services
    Vodafone provides you with the facility of trading in your old phone and saves on a new device and plans. You could get credit towards your Vodafone bill or new plan by trading in your old eligible mobile phones.
  2. 30 Day Network Satisfaction Guarantee.
    Vodafone is extremely confident about their network coverage, they guarantee it. If you’re a new customer signing up for a plan and not satisfied with Vodafone’s network coverage within the first 30 days, you can leave Vodafone. Vodafone even provides the refund facility for any monthly plan fees or device instalments that you’ve paid. All you need to do is just return your device in its original packaging within 10 days of your claim. You’ll only have to pay for usage charges or charges for services not included in your plan, which were incurred up to when your cancellation is finalized. There are several additional services you will get with Vodafone soon.
  3. Wi-Fi Calling
    Sometimes when you’re at home or work, walls or nearby buildings can interfere with your mobile coverage. To boost your indoor coverage, Vodafone is planning to roll out the Vodafone Wi-Fi Calling facility. With Wi-Fi Calling, you can make and receive calls, MMS, and SMS from your compatible smartphone over a Wi-Fi network.
  4. Investment in Regional Coverage
    Providing better coverage and choice to regional Australians is one of the core commitments at Vodafone. As a part of the company’s involvement with the Australian Government’s Mobile Black Spot Program. Vodafone will be investing more than $20 million to build 75 new towers in New South Wales, Tasmania, Queensland, Western Australia, and Victoria.