Save More with the bundle and save with the Vodafone bundle plans

Bundle and save! When you choose a bundle plan from Vodafone, you can save more with this. Bundling plans are eligible for phone, tablet and/or modem etc. under one account, and can be really beneficial for the customers as they can easily save from 5% to 20% off all plan fees. 

You have to pay separately for renewing the same plan and pay the same price (which is mostly higher if not buying as a bundle) every time. Thus, opting for the Vodafone bundle plan is the best way to avoid paying more for the same plan only.

What are Vodafone Bundle plans?

Vodafone Bundle plans are all that you need to save more on your mobile expenses. Not only mobile but you can also save a lot on tablet and modem plans. Talking more about the bundle plans, these are nothing but when you buy a new mobile, tablet, or modem you can bundle it with any of the existing plans and buy more than 1 plan as a bundle of 2 plans or 3 plans etc., you can save more on each time you will increase the number of plans. These bundled plans are tailored in a way that everyone buying a device and getting a plan together can have the advantage of saving more. This clearly shows that Vodafone is leaving no stone unturned when it comes to delivering consumers great value and a better customer experience.

The Vodafone Bundle plans that are offered allows you to save on plan fees especially when you get a Bundled Lite Plan or a Bundled SIM-Only Lite Plan with the nbn™ 25 plan.

And if due to some reason, you are cancelling a plan that was originally a part of your Vodafone Bundle, any Bundled Plans can be easily migrated to the closest priced in-market plan. Vodafone’s Bundled Plans come with 60GB Max Speed data then infinite data at speeds of up to 2Mbps, plus you get unlimited standard national calls, and texts messages. With 2Mbps, you will be able to stream music and standard definition video, make video calls, so internet and social media browsing. However, content may be slower to load and is not suitable for high-definition video or high-speed applications. If you need more detailed information on what you can and can’t do at 2Mbps, you can just take a glance at the speed guide available.

What plans I can bundle with Vodafone Bundle plans

It’s simple, the more you bundle, the more you can save. Mainly there are two Vodafone bundle options from which you can choose –

2 SIMs + NBN –

In this plan, you can have $3.50 with the 5% which can be eligible for Bundle and save discount. In this, you get 60 GB max Speed data along with NBN 25. Here you can save $15 as you already have a mobile phone plan with us and unlimited data. Furthermore, you can again save an extra $15 which will in total cost you $111.50 per month.

4 Sims + nbn –

This bundle is applicable for 4 SIMs which allows you to save $21 with the 15% Bundle and more discount on this. This is applicable with 60 GB Max speed Data. This NBN 25 allows you to save $15 as you already have a mobile plan with us along with Unlimited data. Here you can have another advantage of saving more than $25 for this bundle. The complete bundle will cost you around $154.

The customers that have got new services only can also enjoy the benefits of this bundle. The Total minimum cost of this plan is around $291.50. Maximum modem cost goes up to $180. The typical Evening Speed which is from 7-11 pm is about 25Mbps. These typical Evening Speeds are issues to change and are calculated between the time frame of 7 pm-11 pm. It is very important to understand that the actual throughput speeds can sometimes be slower and could vary due to several different factors.

How I can save more with Bundle and save

Vodafone bundle plans

Saving more with the bundle is best to avoid burning your pocket. One thing to avail the best bundle is to choose a greater number of plans. The more is the number of plans, the better will be the savings and better will be the benefits and perks. A few major advantages of bundling your plan are – 

  • It can manage your plans under one account without any hassle. 
  • You get unlimited texts and unlimited calls with every bundle you choose
  • Endless data at speeds of up to 1.5mbps
  • Allows customers to stay connected and confident without worrying about making regular payments.

The existing Vodafone customers who have already got NBN or Home Wireless broadband plan and also have at least one phone plan have been the ones who are eligible and can take advantage of the Vodafone Bundle by adding a new Bundled Plan to their account.

Where to get the best Vodafone Bundle and save offers in Australia?

Now that you have understood the advantages of choosing Vodafone bundle plans, it is also very important to understand what is the best place to get these Vodafone bundles and Save. After our thorough research and findings, we suggest all the customers who are looking for Vodafone Bundle should go for Vodafone’s official website only. It is authentic and the best dealer to offer utmost advantages while you buy Vodafone Bundle.