NBN Co proposes to end variable capacity charges in All NBN Plans

We all know about NBN Plans and their wide usage. But what came as a surprise for users, was the proposal of ending variable capacity chargers in all the NBN plans. Yes, finally, retail internet providers have managed to convince NBN Co, after so many years of fighting, to end variable capacity charges which are in favour of a flatter and more predictable model.

As part of a fresh consultation process before proposing potential pricing changes to competition regulators, NBN Co has also presented two different pricing structures that are said to be scraping the variable charges completely or significantly reduce them back.

What made NBN Co. to End Variable Capacity Charges

A third construct with the fluid “connectivity virtual circuit” also known as ‘CVC’ charges that are largely intact was also proposed. The other models have shown that the state-owned company has got complaints that the pricing structure it works has failed to provide enough certainty for the retailers and will sooner or later result in an increase in consumer prices.

The paper has also mentioned that these solutions remove NBN Co’s ability that helps in recovering costs through use-based charges. Through this, the company should be able to reserve the right to increase the fixed-cost component at a rate above inflation at frequent intervals.

How this NBN Plans Flat Price Model Will Benefit You

The Pricing Review 2021 Consultation Paper 2 which was released recently, has taken into thought the industry feedback received through 14 submissions from all major internet retailers, which represented 95 % of the retail market, which is also the key consumer advocacy group during the 5 weeks, first-round consultation period.

NBN Co has proposed this to mainly improve industry certainty which is around data usage by introducing a soft cap on variable charges that are for eligible retailers and are subjected to a fair use policy. This offer is expected to increase retailers cost assurance in the prospective event that data usage increases significantly. NBN Co is expected to propose this offer somewhere from December 2021 to December 2022.

The flat price models from NBN plans can provide several benefits to its users. These new flat pricing options are primarily designed to enhance customer experience and meet the growing demand for better results overall. The flat price model will deliver significant savings for its wholesale customers which will help in improving the broadband speeds and service for end-users.

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Benefis of Choosing Vodafone NBN plans

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