How the NBN’s are Changing the Lives of People


In Australian telecommunication infrastructure, NBN Australia is the major upgrade in years. It is aimed to enhance the Australian Broadband network and thus provide better services to offices and homes.

What is the NBN, NBN Speed, NBN deals and NBN in general in the country? The blog tells you all you should know about NBN and how it will improve your work efficiency.

What is NBN?


NBN stands for National Broadband Network a high-speed broadband network providing connections from office to home in Australia. It uses a wide range of broadband technologies to make this happen smoothly, some being listed below-

  • Fibre to the premises
  • Satellite
  • Fibre to the node
  • Fibre to the building
  • PayTV cable
  • Fixed wireless

To make NBN function properly, proper wiring needs to be done. Designed to support even end-user needs it provides services as other retailers with an equivalent set of terms but has created a  buzz and competition in the industry. With an aim and mission of decreasing the digital divide, it will provide the Internet to all within an affordable price range.

How NBN has Improved My Efficiency


From technological protectionism to a smooth internet experience NBN has definitely changed lives. While work from home was in progress during the COVID, it helped to connect the home and offices more seamlessly than ever. It has helped me a lot in online editing, heavy presentations without any lag. It has helped me to boost my work efficiency by faster speed while doing content writing on any web page, the risk of the crash has reduced to zero due to its high speed and reliability. I can access OTT platforms without waiting for hours to load my favourite movie or series. It has definitely made my work easy bit still a lot of work needs to be done if NBN is to be made available to the last man in the country.

This step towards empowering the local market before global is a huge step and development in Australia.

NBN Increased My Connection Quality

More than just increasing the download speed, NBN helps boost the connection quality. With a slow data speed and low-quality videos, pauses during conferences were the main concern to me. With the NBN coming to my office and home it has eased the job roles resulting in better and improved output.

Vodafone since long was trying to come into the broadband NBN league and now when it has entered the market its features are more convincing.

It has started a 30 Day Network Satisfaction Guarantee which allows you to leave after 30 days if you are not satisfied with the services. It will also refund any access charges if the Wi-Fi Hub (Wifi Hub provided by Vodafone is for the days if the line in your area needs repairing, it works for 30 days and gives a decent speed) of Vodafone is returned to the store within 10 days of informing about the cancellation of services.

After the first 15 days of activation, a speed check is conducted to be sure about the best plans for the customer, this also helps to be clear about the plans. Vodafone is working continuously to enhance the speed and customer experience. I have used it for a long time and its connection quality has made me believe that it’s’ one of the best in its’ league.


NBN is growing its share in the Australian market and is preferred by people. Amidst the competition telecom companies like Vodafone Australia have entered into the broadband world.  With a lot of fieldwork, research and customer interaction Vodafone NBN is offering the best services.

The best thing about it is the 30 day period of Network Satisfaction Guarantee. Vodafone NBN connections are more reliable and offer a good quality speed. Its’ deals are given based on speed in your area, which means you will not spend an extra penny on something that doesn’t function well.

NBN Australia is surely going to boost the Australian market, the world should look at the strategies of the Australian Telecom industry and imply it. It will surely give a bloom to the other countries internet speed and work at a faster pace.

Published by Atiq Khan

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