How much will 5G Plans Cost Monthly to an Average User?

The work is all set for the new 5G which is expected to come anytime soon! A few questions that often come to our minds are what will the 5G Plans cost for the monthly users? Another question that arises is, we all often think about is if the 5G phone plans will be more expensive as compared to the 4G?

If we think about this practice, we all know that if you are using an internet that comes with super fast speed, it is okay to pay a little more for it, right?

While we are moving from 4G to 5G, we are somewhat prepared that we might have to pay a little more for the high-speed offering superfast 5G plans. But if we look back and compare the increase of cost of 4G plans compared to 3G plans, the difference was negligible. This has made every one of us confused and we are not able to conclude over a point that whether or not we will have to pay more for the 5G plan.

Denholm, while speaking at Mobile World Congress last year, said – “There’s no question that 5G will enable us to reduce the cost of traffic”. He added – “From a consumer perspective that should enable cheaper data prices.”

It is obvious that when we will have faster and uninterrupted speeds than the upcoming 5G network will offer, we will be burning through our data at a much faster rate. This is because we will be doing more on our phone, and in turn, we might need a larger plan which could turn out to be heavier on our pockets.

However, we are quite sure that this would come down depending on personal usage. But we are also sure that on average, Australians just keep on using more mobile data.

What Difference to Expect in 5G Plans Compare to 4G  Plans

difference between 5G nd 4G plan cost

With each new generation of mobile technology, there has been significant improvement each time. If the first 4G took mobile technology way ahead of 3G in a larger than expected way, 4G to 5G is expected to be more like a giant leap. Significant differences might also bring some variations in the cost for the same.

If you assume that using additional data will result in costing you more, you should also assume that the cost of data will remain constant. However, it is a fact that the way consumption of data has been increased with each passing year, the price of data has consistently decreased all these years.

So, when it comes to consuming more data while using 5G, whether or not the cost of it goes down, it still remains a topic of debate. Also, if there is a question of what difference can be expected in 5G Plan Cost when compared to 4G, the answer to this cannot be exact but we are assuming the price can be a little higher because of the quality of speed and bandwidth is going to provide to its user.

In spite of the assumptions that the price of 5G could be a little higher as compared to 4G, we still are quite sure that the prices won’t skyrocket and will remain within the reach of the average man.

Why Do We Think 5G Plans Cost will be higher?

why 5G plans will cost higher

The reason why we think that 5G plans might cost higher than current rates is because of the quality it offers and the consumption of data by the user. It is quite sure that extra data will be consumed when we will be moved to 5G. The reason for increased usage could possibly the better user experience it offers and new technologies that encourage us to do more on mobile.

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Where to get Best 5G Plans in Australia

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