How a Personal Service Manager, Can Boost Your Business Telecom Needs

Today every operator in the telecom industry wants to deliver its best. From introducing help desk manager to service desk manager, every company invests a lot in their customer service software. In this article, you can find how a personalised telecom service manager helps boost Business telecom needs and what are its benefits.

What is the Need for Personal Service Manager

The word personal service manager would be a bit confusing for some, but believe it is the best thing that has revolutionised the Telecom industry and has changed the perception from just being robotic to enhancing personal engagement. Below are a few reasons why telecom operators and customers need it.

  • Establishes a single point of contact which helps the customer to explore through a variety of options to get in contact with the Telecom operator. Options vary from live chat, email support, chatbots, visual support, phone support and self-service.
  • It will reduce market expenses and increase sales. If the company satisfies consumers it will generate repeated purchases without using much in promotions.
  • If a customer will be having a personal service manager to sort their issues it will increase Consumer loyalty.
  • It will also decrease competition for the respective company as a consumer will be satisfied and will not switch to other competitors.
  • Two-way communication will be promoted. Consumers will give their valuable inputs in improving the services.

How Personal Service Manager Can Boost Your Working Efficiency

With all the above-mentioned reasons it becomes evident how it can boost the sales of an organisation, here are the few mentioned strategies that can be used to fulfil all the needs and demands.

  • Planning and preparing operations according to the need of the consumer. It will help boost customer satisfaction.
  • Omnichannel experience is the need of time. Instead of multichannel touch customers nowadays want to have engagement on various levels. For example, I want to chat with the agent and technical person one after that, for avoiding the repetition of the same issue many times Omnichannel serves as great support.
  • Upgrade Service Desk Software for optimising your backend. It syncs data and makes a single-pane view into operation and analytics. It also helps to develop new apps and is faster and cost-friendly. Vodafone, after using this has upgraded productivity by 45% leveraging the game.
  • Self-service real-time analytics helps to collect the data and generate the reports with the help of IT support. It tracks disconnects, activations, up and cross-sells and also helps to identify the issues and stuck orders to meet service level agreement. It also helps to reach the root cause of the problem and services.
  • CYOD (Choose your own device), COPE (Corporate owned personally enabled) are becoming popular after BYOD (Bring your own device). They have helped to maintain constant security in terms of IT. But as the number of devices is increasing the companies the threat of data security also arises. EMM (Enable device-independent computing through enterprise mobility management) protects IP address and other IT related issues. It should be used and it will hence help in increased security and safety of the data.
  • Amidst the competition, today in the telecom industry resolving issues should be geared up as customers might shift if good services are not provided.
  • To personalise the engagement human and artificial intelligence is blended for each customer’s needs.
  • Upgrading IT operations will support seamless data exchange, exciting offers and new cybersecurity options.

What to Look in Operators That Provides Personal Service Manager

  1. Time is taken to ensure the accuracy of the services from placing any order to its delivery.
  2. Good billing style impacts a lot.
  3. How much personalised attention is being given.
  4. Transparency Internal and External in terms of working and revenue.
  5. Channels used to regulate two-way communication.
  6. Network security provided by the operator and its reliability among people.

The Australian telecom industry is dominated by Optus, Vodafone (VHA) and Telstra. They have worked on strategies and expansion and were offering LTE services in the country, which helped them both in financial or operational aspects.


To transform service desk operations a deep analysis of the industry needs to be done beforehand and more work on Personalised telecom service manager needs to be done.

A survey states that around 40% of people rely on personalised services and real-time support with customer care which increases brand loyalty.

Telecom companies are working day to day to enhance their customer service software this will attract more customers and an enhanced and personalised experience to their consumers. The help desk system which was multichannel earlier is now turning more omnichannel. If you are still stuck to some telecom operator who doesn’t offer you personalised touch then its’ the time to switch to the new one and enjoy the never like experience.

Published by Atiq Khan

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