Fact Check: Does 5G testing Really Affecting Human Lives?

We have been hearing a lot about the 5G radiation effect on human beings these days. In this blog, you will find out what 5G telecom testing is and its impact on the human body. You will also learn if this causes any harm to us humans. 5G is going to be the game-changer when it comes to internet services. It will provide exceptionally fast internet speeds for users which include downloading, streaming, uploading, and sharing. 5G Testing is an advanced and superfast internet service when compared to 4G and will provide great speeds even in dense and highly populated areas too without any interruptions.

It is estimated that 5G’s download speed could go up to 4GBPS and upload speed will be as fast as 200mbps. When this kind of service is provided, the 5G antennas release massive electromagnetic frequencies which are also absorbed by human body tissues. Vodafone 5G technology is also working towards providing better data transmission services compared to current 4G networks, which is only possible by using higher transmission frequency.

5G Testing radiation impact on the human body

While 5G services are in action, it also releases huge electromagnetic frequencies. A lot of studies and government data show that humans have been imperilled to these radiations since this technology was introduced. A lot of researchers, experts, and studies consider that 5G technology and the EMFs that released through this can adversely affect the human body.

How 5G Testing will change the World And Top Companies That are 5G ReadyVodafone-5G-mobile-plans


The 5G telecom testing is going to change the world. A lot of major telecom companies like Vodafone, Telstra, Optus, etc. are busy formulating the ground for the approaching wave of 5G internet services. These telecom companies are closely working with various IT companies, academic institutions, and worldwide technology partners to shape networks, promote service suites and provide support for efficient 5G testing. Just like Vodafone Postpaid Plans, we are expecting Vodafone 5G plans to be very feasible and offer its customers the Vodafone best deals. The top telecom companies like Vodafone, Optus, Vocus, Telstra are busy with rigorous 5G technology testing and finding out the best way to provide this service to its customers without any potential harm to mankind.

Vodafone 5G assure to provide a great increase in data transmission rates compared to existing 4G networks, and to make it more amazing they have launched new Vodafone iPhone offers, on the new iPhone 12 also. The challenge here is the use of higher transmission frequency which might cost human health and these companies are trying their best to resolve this issue. Several studies show that the physiological effects of these electromagnetic radiations alter with frequency.

This raised the requirement for reviewing 5G technology and to check that these should be well under the radiation safety guidelines. For now, the conclusion could be that there is not enough data to drive us to the right assessment.

Conclusion: Is 5G Testing Radiation Harmful to Humans?

If we believe the facts by World Health Organization (WHO) Trusted Source, there is not enough research on the frequencies that are used in 5G. More research is done on the health consequences of electromagnetic fields throughout the spectrum. However, the results are not that consistent and convincing. Till now, EMFs have been hypothetically associated with:

1. Tissue heating – Tissue heating has been a known problem since mobile phones came into existence. It occurs when our skin absorbs electromagnetic energy. This results in a minor rise in the body temperature of human beings.

2. Cognitive function  There is some study involving EMFs from different sources. In a small study from 2017, from TrustedSource, researchers analyzed how prolonged use of mobile phones affects cognitive function and is dangerous for human beings. The researchers have found that using a mobile phone for a minimum of 90 minutes a day can be harmful in long run.

3. Cancer – As per the study from the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) which was done in 2011 – EMFs are considered “possibly carcinogenic” for human beings. The study was performed by 30 scientists from 14 different countries. To date, several studies have highlighted the potential link between EMFs and brain cancer. But we can conclude over this as the results have not been consistent. Well, currently there is no constructive answer for this.

Mainly, people are divided into two halves, one of these groups thinks that we humans are exposed to these radiations for quite a long time from now and a little increase in its frequency will not have any significant effect on us. Whereas the other group believes that the stronger Electromagnetic Frequencies that are going to released while using these services can be very harmful and can also have dangerous effects on the human body. We can only wait for these services to roll out to find out the real answer to all the questions related to 5G and its effects on the human body.

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