Entertainment Gets More Exciting with Vodafone Entertainment Plans

Vodafone Deals will help you in surviving these tough times where we all can stick with the only choice of working from home, anytime cases rise. In these scenarios, it becomes imperative for us to take breaks from reality and deep dive into the world of entertainment to keep ourselves refreshed and focused on our work.

When you continuously work for hours, keeping your mind engaged in a constant and similar chain of thought, a break can really be very helpful. And for this, Vodafone has got you covered with all the latest content in the entertainment industry, be it be the latest movies or the super-engaging TV shows that will leave you in awe for sure.

Here come the Vodafone Entertainment plans that will help you in getting the right entertainment in the most pocket-friendly way. From Amazon Prime to Spotify and Netflix, they’ve got the best plan for every platform you desire.

Vodafone Entertainment Plans In The Palm of Your Hands

These Vodafone Entertainment Packs are super easy to get and will be available in the palms of your hands that is your mobile devices. When you are looking for a great shopping deal, the latest movies and shows,s or even music, Vodafone entertainment has got you covered. Through your Pay with Vodafone, you can easily add Amazon Prime, Spotify Premium, and Netflix and start your super entertainment experience in just a few clicks.

How to Get Ott Apps in Vodafone Plan

Get netflix & amazon prime video with Vodafone entertainment plans

• Amazon Prime –

You can shop, ship, read, stream and do a lot more at Amazon Prime for just $6.99/month. Once you subscribe to Amazon prime with Vodafone entertainment packs your door of unlimited possibilities opens.

From the latest and award-winning movies and TV shows, you get exclusive shopping deals with fast and free shipping. With this, you also get ad-free music at your fingertips.

Also, enjoy 30-minute early access to Amazon’s lightning deals so that you never miss out on all the products you desire. Amazon Prime also includes Amazon music, which has a library of more than 2 million songs. Other than these perks, you can also check out Amazon originals like Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse, The Grand Tour and more than 1000 more TV shows and movies.

Amazon prime also includes perks like free games and loot that is on Prime Gaming. Prime reading gives you access to free books and magazines.

• Netflix –

With Vodafone Entertainment Plans you get a Netflix subscription at just $10.99/month. In the recent past, Netflix’s audience has shifted from just teenagers to adults and elder people too. This has mainly happened due to the various lockdowns, because of this Netflix has become more and more common, another factor is that Netflix has quality entertainment for all age groups.

With Vodafone Entertainment Packs you get access to thousands of titles that include award-winning movies, TV shows, Anime shows, Documentaries, and even interactive movies, and much more. You can watch Netflix on your smart TV, your smartphone, tablet, or gaming console anywhere and anytime you want. With this, the download feature is also available to download your favourite shows and movies to watch offline whenever you want.

Enjoy Your Music With Spotify Premium

enjoy spotify premium with Vodafone entertainment plans

• Spotify Premium –

Music is an essential part of our lives. Music keeps us energetic and helps us keep going. But, what happens when the flow of music is interrupted by various ads? You lose your rhythm and it makes you hate your music app.

You need not worry because Spotify Premium has hot you covered. At $11.99/month so that you can enjoy your favourite track break-free. Spotify Premium will get you access to unlimited skips. With this, you will be able to have unlimited downloads so that you can enjoy your music and podcasts wherever you go.

How Get Your Vodafone Entertainment Plans?

While you look for Vodafone Entertainment Plans, you will have a lot of choices in both the post-paid and prepaid categories. But when it comes to Vodafone Silver water offerings, you will be amazed by the entertainment they have. There are a lot of deals from which you can choose the most suitable one for you.

Along with the best entertainment options, Vodafone’s best plans can give you the freedom of choosing the most suitable add-on services, entertainment options, and a lot more with the help of available customized and flexible Vodafone plans.

If you choose Vodafone Post-paid plans, it offers a combination of benefits through services like data pooling, special international calling, and of course seamless connectivity along with a lot more! RedX is one such amazing plan offered by Vodafone that provides its customers with some impressive services that could be an add-on to your entertainment package!