Australian Homes Moved To high-speed NBN plans of 250 Mbps or Over, in Q1

For the past few years, it has been noticed that there is a huge spike in the demand for faster NBN connection plans by household broadband consumers. About more than half a million household users have already moved to high-speed NBN plans by March 2021 quarter, as per a report by ACCC.

An Australian Competition and Consumer Commission had shared a report – which looked at the wholesale market for NBN services, demonstrated that near about 8.3 million broadband services have now been connected to the NBN.

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How the Sudden Need of High-Speed NBN plans Arise?

We all know how the work from home requirements happen due to the Covid19 Pandemic, and suddenly all the offices demanded their employees to be at home at work. Having a good broadband connection with higher speed became the topmost priority of each employee working from home.

Therefore, the sudden need for High-Speed NBN grew rapidly and a lot of Australian homes decided to move to high-speed NBN plans which are at least 250 Mbps or more, mostly in quarter 1.

How do you get a connection? Getting an NBN connection requires a technician that will come to the customer’s home/premises. While speaking to NBN, we got to know that its technicians were continuing to carry out on-site work and proving the connection types wherever required, but while doing all this, they were also following all the necessary guidelines to protect themselves against the deadly coronavirus infection.

They were making sure that technicians won’t visit or connect premises where people were infected/self-isolating/or had any symptoms. because they were unwell and were being instructed to follow social distancing standards in the premises they did visit.

Are You Eligible for High-Speed NBN Plans?

The NBN co has announced to roll fibre deeper into communities to pass some 200,000 premises. The additional suburbs and towns in NSW, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia where certain premises will ultimately benefit from new fibre extensions and access to higher-speed broadband services, on-demand.

What does High-speed NBN Plans offer?

high speed nbn plans

NBN plans Australia comes with extended speed and have been helping users with Amazing High-Speed broad plans for better connectivity and feasible working from choice.

The NBN has been the best choice for Australian Homes, especially when it was a tough time, and everyone had to work from home. It has been the priority for many and has come a long way. As it has become a lot more popular, some of its users are now offered with two amazing plans which basically offer very fast speed and are best in the budget plans. The two plans that NBN offers to its customers are:

• NBN 250 (Superfast)

• NBN 1000 (Ultrafast)

The name very clearly signifies that NBN 250 plan is offering download speeds of up to 250Mbps (typical evening speed), and NBN 1000 plan can increase your speed up to 1Gbps (typical evening speed), upload speed of both the plans is also very high. Which are surprisingly many times faster than an NBN 100 plan.

For now, the plans – NBN 250 and NBN 1000 are not available for everyone, but these free NBN network upgrades will increase their availability in the coming years. But it suggested to contact the service provider in your area and get all the details about the eligibility, availability and plan fee of these plans in your area. This gives you a clear picture and also helps you in choosing the most suitable plan for you.

The plans that are NBN 100 or below, might not offer you the desired speed or do not improve your streaming performance or your Zoom calls. But NBN 250 and NBN 1000 plans are just what you want in terms of speed.

They can dramatically increase the speed of almost any download. For example, there is a newly released game that you want to download, and it might take more than an hour to download on an NBN 100 plan, but if you are using NBN 1000 plan, you could get it in 10 minutes time and the online gaming experience is amazing with this plan. Isn’t this just amazing!