Amazing Vodafone Bundle Plans For Small and Large Businesses

As the third-largest mobile network in Australia, Vodafone now covers over 22 million Australians. Standing true to its motto of ‘Staying connected together’, Vodafone always stays ahead of the curve when it comes to offering great deals and packages to its customers. Keeping their customers at the core is what makes them stand out and that’s why we forever vouch for the plenty of perks to choosing a deal with Vodafone. 

A few months back, one such great deal that was unveiled by Vodafone was a range of cost-saving offers and bundles for customers across its postpaid and prepaid plans so they can connect for less with endless data.

The Vodafone Bundle delivers more great value and savings for Vodafone customers. That’s why we like to say Vodafone Bundle plans are synonymous with Bigger Discounts, More Data and More Choice. 

The new value bundle allows the customers unlimited data across their home NBN plan and at least two mobile plans for $111.50 per month for the first six months. What this means is that Vodafone customers can have two or more mobile plans with one NBN or Home Wireless plan on the same account to be eligible for the bundle.

That’s not all! If you are an existing Vodafone customer with an NBN or Home Wireless broadband plan and at least one phone plan, you are eligible to also take advantage of the Vodafone Bundle by adding a new Bundled Plan to your account. 

What are Vodafone Bundle plans?

We know by now you already have too many questions rolling in your head about these bundle plans. What exactly are the plans? What kind of plans does Vodafone offer? Discounts? Chargers? 

Fret not! We’ve got you covered. Read this through the end to get a better understanding of Vodafone Bundle plans and take a smart decision to choose the one that suits you best as per your needs. 

A Bundled Plan gives customers more value: unlimited data at speeds of up to 1.5Mbps; 60GB of Your Max Speed data, bundled plans eligible for Bundle & Save discounts. So in simple words, Vodafone offers discounts for multiple services on one account.

Types of Vodafone Bundle Plans


With Vodafone Bundles, don’t be surprised if you start saving either 10% or 20% off all plan fees when you bundle multiple services under one account. You can get a Bundled Lite Plan or a Bundled SIM-Only Lite Plan only as an additional service with a Vodafone Bundle.

Bundled Plans come with 60GB Max Speed data then infinite data at speeds of up to 2Mbps in Oz, plus unlimited standard national calls and texts.

With 2Mbps, you will be spoilt for choices. Stream music or watch standard definition video, enjoy those distant video calls, surf the internet and social media all day long. Doesn’t that sound exciting? You can also bundle your eligible services under one account. 

Mix and Pure Bundle Offers

Mix Bundle has been launched to cater to your multiple needs. It allows you to have two or more products under a single package. The package can be easily renewed after a certain period. Mix bundle offers more options than individual bundles where you can purchase individual products separately once you buy the bundle.

Occasional and New Bundles

Occasional bundles have been launched to keep surprising their customers year-round with amazing offers on special occasions, seasons, and celebrations while New Bundles offer a discount of $10 on monthly plan fees available for the first six months to approved new Vodafone customers who sign-up to a Vodafone nbn™ plan or nbn™ BYO plan, including Business variants (‘Eligible Plan’).  

We are not yet done with the great deals! Another bundle offer that we are excited to share with you all is ‘The Buy One Get One Bundle’ where you buy one package and get another package free at a discounted rate without paying extra for an additional package. 

Reason to choose bundle offer

We say there are plenty of reasons to choose the bundle plans offered by Vodafone. Here’s why:

Savings on Bundle Devices at Vodafone

Who doesn’t enjoy great products and plans at a discounted deal? That’s exactly what bundle plans offer. You have the option to choose from mobile phone plans, tablet plans, modem plans, Vodafone NBN plans, and 4G/5G home wireless broadband plans. 

All this can be enjoyed under a single bill raised, instead of paying a diverse bill for each device. Did we mention endless data? Yes, you’ve heard it right. Endless data means customers who exceed their bundle data can still continue to use data without penalty but at a slower speed of 1.5Mbps.

Renewal of Vodafone Bundle Offers

Keeping the customers at the focus, The company knows the value of the loyal customers and how to retain them. With the customer’s centric approach, Vodafone allows its customers for the easy renewal of bundle offers. The customer can follow the easy steps for the renewal of the bundle. The customer can make it happen with a click while even on a holiday away from the town. The renewal can also be done with the help of SMS or with a telephonic customer representative.


Vodafone has launched bundled plans to the existing suite of great value products, which already includes endless data and no lock-in contracts, this covers that the customers are now spoilt for choices when it comes to some of the best value products on the market. We believe the greatest value that Vodafone offers its loyal customers is the freedom and flexibility to make a plan that suits their needs. We are totally impressed with the Bundle plans on offer and are confident that you too can’t wait to enjoy the amazing offers and discounts.