Adopt Vodafone Enterprise Mobility to make your company future-ready

In today’s technology-driven business world, it has become extremely crucial for businesses to come up with innovative solutions and techniques to ensure the mobility of information and data across various functions and centres. Here, comes in picture the leader in the Enterprise Mobility solution, Vodafone that helps businesses to gain complete control and visibility.

To survive in this ever-evolving tech landscape, businesses are making rapid transitions from offline to online. In the post-pandemic world, businesses are compelled to give greater access and flexibility to information and tools to their workforce to ensure the smooth running of operations.

Being a customer-centric organization, Vodafone has always taken the lead in the adoption of new technologies. Partnering with Vodafone to manage and maintain the way its workforce make use of the mobile devices, tools, processes, policies to keep the organization secure. It brings with it access to a dedicated team with proven expertise in mobility, with Vodafone Enterprise Mobility.

What is Vodafone Enterprise Mobility?

One of the best mobile service providers along with leaders in Enterprise services, Vodafone has always given priority to customer service. They have a vast coverage across enterprises dedicated to building network solutions for the corporate world.

Enterprise Managed Mobility is a set of tools, technologies, processes and policies designed to help you manage and maintain the use of mobile devices within your organisation.

In simple terms, enterprise mobility makes it easier for businesses, be it small or large scale, to share information about the company across multiple devices, with ease in operating from different locations. We all have been working from homes and locations away from the office and would be the best example of the workforce who are managing the entire data and systems remotely.

Enterprise Mobility solutions are important because they facilitate a more competitive enterprise, as access, use and storage of data is not limited to the office environment. In a competitive business world, accessing on-the-go data provides a competitive advantage.

How is it helping businesses?


Enterprise mobility solutions are definitely proving to be a boon for businesses as it allows employees to be productive and efficient by allowing remote access and real-time collaboration, with the choice to work flexibly when they want, where they want and with both web and apps on their personal devices. In essence, they use whatever tools to get the job done which acts as a bonus for productivity.

Let’s walk you through the main advantages of adopting Vodafone enterprise service for your business:

  • Businesses no longer have to ensure a physical premise, meeting, face-to-face interaction for a task to be successfully accomplished. Employees will be productive whether they are working – on the road, at a client site or at home- without worrying about the high cost of data on each device.
  • The businesses that have adopted the mobile-first approach have seen achieving greater results, expanding their markets and achieving sustainable growth.
  • Enterprise mobility has been helping businesses reduce spending on IT maintenance.
  • Enterprise Mobility solutions significantly help in business growth and offer features like cost visibility, predictability, and right management.

What offers and services are provided by Vodafone Enterprise Mobility?


Vodafone provides managed services across mobile operating systems and platforms, device deployment, commercial plans, mobile applications, mobile security, managed email services as well as disaster recovery and backup solutions.

Manage your devices with complete transparency 

Enterprise Mobility Management, Mobile Device Management, and Mobile Threat Management solutions all provide help in securing mobile systems and enable businesses in monitoring their assets. A business opting for this solution is able to control not only every mobile device in service but also the connections they make.

Mobile Security 

With mobility and data sharing comes the risk of information being in the wrong hands who may take undue advantage of confidential business reports and documents. Data breaches and cyber-attacks have become very common with the advent of information sharing. Vodafone steps in to provide integrated solutions to reduce risk and safeguard your critical data.

Constantly evolving with changing needs, Vodafone mobile security limits the risks of a mobile workforce, such as commercial losses, regulatory breaches or threats to individuals, whilst enabling productivity and staff satisfaction. These include:

  • Vodafone Device Lifecycle Management
  • Vodafone Device Manager
  • Vodafone Mobile Recording
  • Vodafone Managed Blackberry services


Vodafone Enterprise Mobility solution opens up a world of possibilities. Be it working on online campaigns or connecting a large team working remotely, accessing the enterprise mobility plan really depends on what the business goals and objectives are when it comes to remote communication, as well as data access and processing.

It is becoming extremely crucial for businesses to adopt a balanced approach and technique wherein they give the comfort and flexibility to their workforce to have access to data on the go which enables quicker turnaround of results and decisions along with keeping in view the risks and solutions to mitigate those risks.

Published by Atiq Khan

20 years of rich and extensive experience in the corporate and enterprise sector as senior executive. Experienced Director with a demonstrated history of working in the telecommunications industry. Skilled in Digital Transformation, AI & Cyber Security, Sales Management, Enterprise Mobility, Direct Marketing, and Sales & Marketing Leadership. Strong professional with a Masters in International Business focused in Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services from Victoria University.