5G Radio Waves Are Safe, Recent Australian Research Says

With the coming of 5G in Australia, rumours of it being unsafe were also circulated. 5G radio waves and frequency of 5G waves were said to affect the health of people. Queries regarding
Vodafone 5G offers Vodafone coverage in Australia, change in Vodafone call after 5G, this article covers all for you. Due to rumours about 5G Towers being destroyed, misconceptions were made, but with research in Australia, all these myths have been busted.

How 5G Radio Waves are formed

As communication is shifting more and more digitally, a good Internet and better connectivity is the need of every individual and time. 5G is innovation and step forward in that direction. From 2G to 3G and subsequently to 4G has already made our lives easier. But the use of the same bandwidth of radio-frequency by mobile providers is leading to slower service and ultimately network problems. To overcome it 5G is being launched in various parts of the world.

Millimetre waves are between 30 to 300 gigahertz frequencies. While current radio waves serve 10 cm in length millimetres varies in length from 1 to 100 mm. Connecting millimetre waves to mobile is a completely new thought, earlier satellite and radar systems used these waves for some applications. But they can be easily absorbed by rain and do not be travel easily through buildings which is one of the biggest drawbacks of millimetre waves. But to avoid such problems traditional cellular towers are augmented with small cells (new technology). This helps boost data speed and traffic on network operators.

Does 5G waves affect us?

Amidst the pandemic, while people were made to believe that 5G waves cause a hike in disease, decrease your immunity and many others. While this news is completely fake and baseless. Australia’s Department of Communications has reported this with context to two pieces of research that no evidence of adverse health effects from 5G radio waves is found to date.

These two researchers were conducted by the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) and the Swinburne University of Technology. They in their first study examined a total of 138 studies on low-level radio waves above 6Ghz and in the second review, low-level millimetre waves were analysed for any biological impact. Studies report that in biological studies low-quality research methods were used which impacted a bit in the study. And these low-level radio waves are safe for people and are not hazardous for human health.

These radio waves and frequencies are not harmful to us in general but have the same repercussions as the normal mobile device.

5G waves are innovation and as of now no such effect of it is seen to date on people.

5G Shaping the Speed of Data and improving Calling

5G is becoming the new boss of mobile networking. The fastest of its’ times and an average speed of 150-200 Mbps, 5G allows a seamless performance while surfing the internet. From helping in the betterment of video conferences to turning smart homes it is turning life easy.

With the same price range as 4G, the 5G phone and data plan may cost a bit more for you. From streaming films to playing games it is best in business.

The data connectivity needs to be seamless nowadays for the proper functioning of the job and home.

Vodafone 5G is one of the best in Australia which gives faster speed and is more reliable for everything. From home to health, vehicles to environment everything becomes easier with Vodafone 5G network. It has a great calling experience plus amazing data services.

It has lower battery consumption and better connectivity irrespective of the region if you are having 5G towers nearby. Other than reliability in communications it has a lower cost of infrastructure development.


With misconceptions going on 5G radio waves, a recent report of the Australian Communication Department is a great relief that it is not hazardous to people. Vodafone 5G is emerging as a new boss in the Australian Network operator market. Vodafone 5G offers facilities that ease your life and is a saviour in urgency. Technology facilitates supervision and manages around 60,000 connections. And ultimately provides uninterrupted connectivity all over the world.

If you haven’t switched to 5G to date due to misconceptions then switch it now and enjoy the fastest and reliable speed all over the Internet. It will help you play the game without lagging the internet or facetime your family and friends without any glitch.

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